General Meeting Minutes

Kona Hawaiian Civic Club January 7th, 2016 General Meeting Kaniohale Community Center Start time: 6:20 pm Ended: 7:25 PM Presiding: Pelekikena Ho’okahi: Aka DeMesa Pule: Pelekiena Ho’okolu: Maurice Kahawaii Attendants: Jan Yan, Jeff Choy Hee, Nancy Kappes, Aka A. DeMesa, Maurice Kahawaii, Teresa L. Nakama, Ellan Poai, Jacob & Luana Keanaaina, Nathan Abe, Jojo Tanimoto, IImi Kihi, Dr. Cheryl Lynn De Werff (Guest from Napa Valley, Ca) We welcome our guest: Dr. Cheryl Lynn de Werff sponsor by Nancy Knappes and IImi Kihe grandson of our former member and President Ruby McDonald. (Potential member) Correspondence: NPS Management Proposal, Tetra Tech/Verizon proposal of a dish at Manuaka State Park, Kahalu’u and KS/BE October 28, 2015 meeting with descendants. View on our Web page for full details. Mahalo! Pu’uku report by VP Aka approved as reported. Jacob has offered to be our Treasurer, but first we need to have our existing check book updated and ordered by VP Aka before handing over the responsibility to Jacob. Kakau’olelo: Teresa: minutes were posted on the Website, and members approved as reported. Committee Reports: Membership- Maurice New member Ezekiel Baker…and his dues will be accepted and he will start as of January, 2016. Member Teresa L Nakama has sponsored both, New Member Kawehi Nguyen, also Jojo Tanimoto who was a past member and now lives in Kawaihae. Maurice will be editing the membership roster to include member Nathan Abe and adding in the new members. Historian-No Report Government Relations-No Report Na Mea Hawaii-Teresa report that in Hawaii we have the Republican, Democrat’s, Libertarian, Green Party and now a new Party is forming called the Aloha Aina Party. She invited Earl Deleon, but he could not make it, due to working late, but she asked if she could invite him to be our next guest speaker in February, 2016 if he accepts the invitation to talk about the Aloha Aina Party. Fundraising: Aka reported that Panda Express has to do their accounting then send us a check. The idea of fundraising with Panda, Aka wants to expand the potential fundraising idea with Lex Brodie car wash and with other restaurants. Aka is working the plan and will report back to the board and general membership. Mentioned also is our primary goal to raise funds for our Scholarship program, but to also have fun and do Hawaiian Arts and Craft and to participate in community services. This discussion will be brought up at our Board of Directors meeting and schedule events for the rest of 2016 year. Webmaster: Aka reported that he now is posting more information on to our website and that he is wearing lots of hats and invites any member to assist and take some of the responsibility of the task he is now covering. He has filled out the 990 IRS form for 2014 and will fill out for 2015. As a reminder we have a club e-mail address: New Business: Jan Yang explain that when a club doesn’t have enough members that qualify to hold the office of President, that there is a fine line to justify the need to keep the existing President in office by the proper protocol of our clubs Constitution and By Laws which needs approval of 100% of members and by the association, then the ruling can be applied. 2016 dues are due. Focus for the KHCC: “To Teach, Learn, Share and Perpetuate the Hawaiian Culture and Aina” Luana suggested a visit at all the NPS under their Kupuna program. Jojo Tanimoto announced that on January 23rd, 2016 at Mahukona Harbor there will be a greeting and celebration of our wa’a Makali’i. Everyone is invited. Announcement: Public hearing on February 11, 2016 on the proposed 10 year Ban no taking of any marine species…(Kaúpulehu Marine Reserve…) Time and place TBA. Teresa reported DLNR sent her 2 documents regarding KMLAC proposal this afternoon. The two documents, she received from DLNR was their minutes of October 24, 2014 which was approved on April 24, 2015 by DLNR commission, and the request to hold a public meeting. In viewing the documents, nowhere in the proposal does it provided reference to our Hawaii Constitution Article 12 Section 7 Native Rights will be recognized. Next meeting on February 4th, 2016 Board Meeting on January 28th, 2016 Meeting adjourned Pule: Doxology Respectfully Submitted: Secretary….Teresa L. Nakama   HAWAIIAN NUMBERS
English Hawaiian1
One Ekahi, ho`okahi
Two Elua
Three Ekolu
Four Eha
Five Elima
Six Eono
Seven Ehiku
Eight Ewalu
Nine Eiwa
Ten Umi
Eleven [Umi]kumamakahi
Twelve Umikumamalua
Thirteen Umikumamakolu
Fourteen Umikumamaha
Fifteen Umikumamalima
Sixteen Umikumamaono
Seventeen Umikumamahiku
Eighteen Umikumamawalu
Nineteen Umikumamaiwa
Twenty Iwakalua
Twenty-one [Iwakalua]kumamakahi
Twenty-two Iwakaluakumamalua
Twenty-three Iwakaluakumamakolu
Twenty-four Iwakaluakumamaha
Twenty-five Iwakaluakumamalima
Twenty-six Iwakaluakumamaono
Twenty-seven Iwakaluakumamahiku
Twenty-eight Iwakaluakumamawalu
Twenty-nine Iwakaluakumamaiwa
Thirty Thirty-one, etc... Kanakolu [Kanakolu]kumamakahi, etc...
Forty Forty-one, etc... Kanaha [Kanaha]kumamakai, etc...
Fifty Fifty-one, etc... Kanalima [Kanalima]kumamakai, etc...
Sixty Sixty-one, etc... Kanaono [Kanaono]kumamakai, etc...
Seventy Seventy-one, etc... Kanahiku [Kanahiku]kumamakai, etc...
Eighty Eighty-one, etc... Kanawalu [Kanawalu]kumamakai, etc...
Ninety Ninety-one, etc... Kanaiwa [Kanaiwa]kumamakai, etc...
One hundred Ho`okahi hanele

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